The iCapsule iPad Keyboard Case by RocketFish

Ever dreamt of keeping your beloved Apple iPad, safe and secure and at the same time using this sleek tablet as a screen on your laptop? Well, Best Buy’s in-house subsidiary, RocketFish, created this unique iCapsule to make both your dreams come true and while tons of other iPad keyboards exist in the market, this iCapsule does the job best.iCapsule

This plastic, clamshell-like case, christened the iCapsule, is large enough to protect your iPad and is equipped with a Bluetooth keyboard that can be easily connected to the iPad.

This iCapsule is equipped to hold your iPad in both the landscape as well as portrait modes and additionally; it also features a few shortcut keys by which you can have quick access to copy, cut, paste and search and to the media playback controls.

So now for all of you old school PC addicts, you can now use your tablet the old-fashioned way, to type those lengthy documents and to get your work done quicker using keyboard shortcuts. When your iPad is not in use, all you need to do is simply close the Clamshell-like iCapsule and use the handle on the hinged side for convenient mobility.

This unique iCapsule is powered by two AA batteries and will make your iPad look supreme. It’ll cost you $99.99 to own this one of a kind Capsule.

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Via: Geeky Gadgets