Kinect Hack Lets You Throw Your Own Hadoukens

Street Fighter is probably the most popular fighting series out there, and it’s one I’ve definitely seen tons of amazing fanart of. However, demize2010 takes it further with this mindblowing Kinect hack for Street Fighter IV.

Despite the fact that I mentioned Kinect, this hack is for the PC version of Street Fighter IV. Using Kinect and a motion-logging program called FAAST, demize2010 was able to map specific movements to the game’s keyboard controls. Your standard moves like punches and kicks are, unsurprisingly, mapped to simple punch and kick motions. Punching to the sides or kicking forward will activate these moves, but the really awesome part is that other movements are mapped to a series of keystrokes, allowing users to perform a more complicated move with one motion. Yes, this means that when you Hadouken, Ken will Hadouken. In the video, you can see it being tested; by extending only one hand in the Hadouken motion, nothing will happen, but when the second hand is moved into place, the move will execute. Doing an uppercut will perform the Dragon Punch, while doing the uppercut with one knee raised will perform the Super Dragon Punch.

Street Fighter IV Kinect Hack Hadouken

The designer of these hacks says himself that they aren’t exactly feasible for online play, and his demonstration is against the AI on easy mode. A Wiimote is also used as part of the hack in order to make the character move left and right and, as you could imagine, using the Wiimote in addition to full body movements could be very difficult if you’re trying to really trounce a difficult opponent. Nonetheless, he’s put his work online for others to take advantage of, both to have fun with and to build off of into something even more awesome.

This may still be a work in progress but, much like the Kinect itself, this kind of ingenuity brings us one step closer to action games that will allow us to fully interact with them. While I can’t imagine a game like Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider using the motions of ‘normal’ people like you and I, I imagine this could be the next generation of fighting games. It’s one thing to memorize moves and strategies, but it’s another to put your own agility, fighting skills, and full-body coordination to the test against someone else. It’s even better to do it without actually getting kicked in the face.

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Via: CrunchGear