Meet the two new ‘i’s: iPad Head Girl and iBoy

One is an iBoy and the other is an iPad Head Lady. The names might give you the impression that these two are brand new products from the Apple factory. In fact if you take a look at their videos you will be impressed by the way they work and might want to order one for yourself. The only hitch is that they are actually not anything new from Apple. They are the very same iPads that have been around for quite some time but presented in a very different manner.

What is so unusual about these the iBoy and iPad Head Lady that they have become a topic of discussion? You need to know the two and then you will realize what has made them so popular. Let us first take up the iPad Head Lady as ladies come first.

Quite a few people have seen her walking down the street and every eye has turned around to take a good look at her. Some found it impolite to stare at her and hence took slanting glances of her but no one could resist taking a second look to believe what they were seeing. Well, she was not one of those very attractive ladies who would serve as a show stopper but she had this very rare kind of gadget attached to her head, rather over her head. On all four sides were iPads that showed the head of the lady. She comfortably read a book and also observed her surroundings through the screens attached to her head.

It however turned out to be viral campaign run by Hearst Corporation to get guys to buy Cosmo for Guys (CFG). CFG is a new app for iPad for guys and the idea of advertising it like this also pretty strange. The plan behind this whole operation was probably that if a guy gathers enough guts to go ahead and touch this lady he will be able to gain access to a lot more info regarding the other sex. A pretty strange idea but still put to the test. In fact, you do get to see a guy in the video approaching the lady and viewing articles from CFG on the iPad on the head.

As far as the lady was concerned her surrounding views were streamed to the glasses she was wearing inside the iPad helmet.

The iBoy bears similarity to the Lady only in having a human body but apart from that he is completely different. Instead of a head he has an iPad unlike the Lady who had a helmet of four iPads. This little iBoy is introduced as a member of a family to be a younger brother to the son of the house. Things turn out the other way and the parents take fancy to the iBoy and completely ignore their own son. Rather a sad story for the little boy but a funny way to present the qualities of an iPad.

Being a gadget the iPad has a new version which the parents bring home as a new iBoy and this new version overthrows the old one. So the little boy and the old iBoy land up ignored by the parents. A rather strange tale. This is a spoof that ran on Israeli television and is now a pretty popular video the world over.

The common factor in both these instances was the iPad. The iPad is said to give new dimensions to life. It is comfortable to use, fun to have and great gadget to own. It is iPad all the way.

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