Leather Envelope Case and Mustache Stand For iPad

As long as gadgets have existed, people have invented things to put them in or on. The iPad is no exception. One artist has created a unique iPad case and stand.

Gustavo Pastre, based in San Francisco, has designed a beautiful leather envelope case for the iPad. The leather case is engraved with a cool design using a laser cutter. It’s held together with revits and and hemp twine (don’t try to smoke this, OK?). The case is lined with fabric inside to protect the iPad’s screen. All of the materials are available locally, except for the hemp twine, which is not made in the U.S.

Leather iPad Case

“The iPad is a beautiful, hi-tech, tactile device,” Pastre said on the Kickstarter page. “Why would you cover it with a hunk of plastic?”

“The design is universal,” he said. “What I mean is that, it could be used for some other purpose years from now. The case will last for many years beyond the need to protect your iPad. It’s not just an iPad case. It can hold any number of precious items.”

One of the items the pouch can hold is the mustache stand, which holds your iPad up to let you watch video, type, or read while adding a sense of whimsy.

Mustache Stand

If you pledge $15 on Kickstarter, you’ll get the mustache stand. “Every villain needs a mustache, even if they can’t grow one themselves,” the creator says. Pledging $65 gets you a pre-order a black and red leather envelope case. You can get a brown and white or black and grey envelope with a mustache stand. For $90, you’ll get a black and red case and mustache stand, plus a laser engraving of an eagle on the case.

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Via: Kickstarter