The Magical Cut Chair by Peter Bristol

At first look, you might think it’s a camera trick, but it’s not. This is really a chair you can sit on. And while its strategic design magically holds your weight, you can’t help but wonder, “How does it do that?” The answer is brilliantly simple, just ask creative designer Peter Bristol.

Cut Chair 2

Aptly entitled the Cut Chair, this unique piece of furniture is one that creates a baffling but stunning illusion. Imagine a chair the looks like it’s been sliced by a samurai, yet as it stands on one leg, it remains stable enough for anyone to sit (or step) on.

So what’s the secret? Bristol’s envisioned a chair that seems like it would collapse upon itself, but the reality is, the Cut Chair is tougher than it looks. The only surviving chair leg is actually anchored onto a heavy metal plate, which is smartly hidden under the brown carpet.  Who would have thought that rug would be so integral to the chair’s overall design?

Cut Chair 3

The other chair legs (or what’s left of them) are also attached to the metal plate beneath the carpet. But as Bristol puts it, they are just “stumps” with no other function but to fool the eye even more. Have this Cut Chair installed in your apartment and you surely will have a cool conversation piece to share with impressed guests.

Cut Chair 4

Peter Bristol has been noted for other fascinating product designs, including one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures and ergonomic computer mice.

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Via: Geekologie