iPhone 4 Retro Camera Looks with HipstaCase

If you ever feel nostalgic about the way cameras used to look in the ’80s, now you have to chance to turn your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch into one of those, at least aspect-wise, with HipstaCase.

Since hipsters pop up in one’s mind when looking at the name of this product, it is easy to realize which is the target audience of HipstaMatic, the manufacturer of the case. iPhone 4 and the fourth generation of iPod Touch share the same form factor, so the case can be used for both of them.

One of the accessories the case comes with is a tripod adaptor. The manufacturer explains that a tripod is not included in the package, but only an adaptor that is inserted in what looks like a camera objective lens. Once this adaptor is attached, you can mount the iPhone on a tripod and take photos like a professional photographer.

The case features a hole for the real camera of the iPhone, and it also provides quick access to the volume buttons on the side. On both bottom sides, HipstaCase has holes for the included lanyard. The fact that HipstaMatic includes accessories in the package is a really nice touch. These do not only have an aesthetic role, but also improve the functionality of the case.

Above you can see the contents of the package, as well as how the case is attached to the iPhone or iPod. Even though attaching the accessories to the case is quite intuitive, the manufacturer provides instructions in great detail, probably to make sure that the product is not misused.

HipstaCase will be available in May on the HipstaMatic online store for $39,95, which is really a reasonable price, considering that this sturdy case also comes with a couple of accessories.

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