8-Bit Street Art in Stop Motion Animation

You know something becomes a big hit when it starts crossing over and expanding from its original domain into other fields. The 8-bit animation phenomena keeps getting bigger, with the web obviously being the ideal place to spread the word and talent.

Graffiti? Well, 8-bit has reached that too. Italian street artist Pao, who’s really into drawing Penguins and aquatic life from a short glance at his website, decided to beautify a graffiti soaked wall in the town of Lecco, Italy. Like every contemporary 8-bit artist, Pao created a stop motion video to capture his work.

Pao’s work was made during a Lecco street view event, which had plenty of other artists use their talents and imagination on walls just waiting for someone to beautify them. The geeky work, obviously, captured our eye. The refreshing thing about this for me is that it actually didn’t involve Mario,who seems to be in over 50% of any 8-bit related art work running around the web.

If you’ve also been bitten by the 8-bit bug, then we’ve got plenty more for you. From an 8-bit version of the shooter Left 4 Dead, to some Ghostbuster 8-bit art and if you’re also really into the DIY movement (which stands against every lazy bone in my body), you can make your own 8-bit computer following some not so simple instructions.