iPhone 5S Gold and Sapphire Versions Rumoured

As if the iPhone wasn’t expensive enough, bling aficionados may soon be able to add flashy smartphones to their collections with a gold or sapphire iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S Gold image

The price of a high end smartphone with as many capabilities as you can shake a laptop computer at, does not come cheap. If you want your apps complete with the highest premium of small screen graphics, running at a speed that only several dual-core processors can provide, then you’d better expect to pay through the nose for it. Unless you’re holding out for the budget iPhone, that is. Of course, no one expects iPhones to retail for anything much under $500-$700 but now, Apple could be set to launch a new, luxury iPhone that may be sold for well over that amount.

Rumours of an iPhone 5S that will come complete with gold and sapphire finishes come from blogs 9to5Mac and Japanese site Macotakara that report that Apple are going to give users plenty of reasons to fork up the extra pennies once the next iteration of their smartphone rolls around. The first rumour, which surprisingly isn’t the priciest point of a luxury iPhone 5S, is the gold. A complete breakaway from the monochrome white or black options of iPhone that Apple have offered in the past, the blog says that according to KGI Securities Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, a third, gold option of iPhone 5S will be added to the line up. The second rumour perhaps holds even more truth as a sapphire home button could be added to match the sapphire on the rear of the phone (the iPhone camera’s lens cover is already made of the precious gem to protect it) to prevent the button from being scratched. It’s also being speculated that Apple could decide include a fingerprint sensor in the home button too, something which could certainly increase the iPhone 5S’ pricing as well. And a final thing suggested in the “leaked” image from above in this post is that the iPhone 5S could sport a second flash, to pair up with the singular flash option currently on the iPhone.

In terms of pricing, Apple could absolutely increase the RRP of the next generation of iPhone to match the production costs of the rumoured pricey materials as they know that there are plenty looking for the best phone out there who will be willing to buy it. However, until they formally announce the phone, we won’t know for sure, but we’ll keep you posted.

Source:  cnet

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