8-Bit Cinema Presents Blade Runner – A Retro Gaming Replicant

We might never know if androids dream of electric sheep, but a 16-bit version of Blade Runner? 8-Bit Cinema has a flippin’ rad answer just for that.

16 bit Blade Runner image

When 1982’s groundbreaking sci-fi classic Blade Runner was released, it had more than just a lasting effect on movie makers going forward. It’s striking futuristic visuals were ripe for the picking to the medium of videogames that would come years after.

Countless seminal games such as Snatcher, Deus Ex, and Shadowrun all draw some of their cyberpunk cues from the likes of Blade Runner, and all for the better. Truly, nothing beats looking over the horizon on the dark, luminous skyline of a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019.

Likely the sights of 8-Bit Cinema’s retro take on Blade Runner will have you feeling almost the same way, as the YouTube animators do their best to adapt the cult hit into a SNES or any other 16-bit console title.

Seems weird to me that a movie so influential to videogames doesn’t have a corresponding game to call its own. Not that they haven’t tried as I’ve research, but perhaps trying to equally match the immortal essence of Blade Runner is just too much of a daunting task.

Graciously, we still have 8-Bit Cinema’s glimpse at such a project (that sadly will probably never get made) to watch and enjoy, the same movie-loving group that gave us an awesome retro treatment to this year’s Iron Man 3.

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