iPhone 7 Plus: What Improvements Is Apple Bringing Forth?

One of the most awaited smartphones of the year, the iPhone 7 Plus: battery, storage, and even more raw power. Read all about it in this story!


Apple’s next brainchild, the iPhone 7, is one of the most awaited mobile devices for this year. This new beast will come with many new features and updates, among them increased storage space and a high-power battery.

We have been following the latest rumors about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for a while, and it seems they will come with many new ideas and new concepts. For starters, it might not even have a headphone jack, so it will be the thinnest iPhone yet. In its place, the iPhone 7 might feature just one USB Lightning port. When it comes to screen sizes, the normal version might feature a 4.7 inches one while the Plus would instead be around 5.5 inches – still, there are more surprises when it comes to these two smartphones.

The first bit of news hints that the storage capabilities might be greatly increased. These new smartphones will come with some 256 GB of internal memory, making the iPhone the smartphone with the biggest storage unit until now. The second huge bit of new is that the new iPhone’s autonomy will be greatly increased, featuring a 3100mAh battery on the iPhone 7 Plus, which represents a 12% increase when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus, its direct predecessor.



We don’t quite know whether the new iPhones will only feature these huge storage units only on the Plus version, or if it will also be available in the smaller editions. The rumor mill claims that Apple are finally going to stop production of all 16GB models favoring bigger sizes, pretty much offering the storage capabilities of a small hard drive in the palm of our hands.

When it comes to the battery, though, it would seem that Apple are still attempting to make slimmer, thinner phones which would in turn mean its autonomy would not be greatly increased and would likely stay about the same.

We have no doubts that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be one of the most talked and discussed devices of the year, when it comes to smartphones, being the Plus version the clearly superior one for offering huge storage capabilities and a somewhat increased battery life in the Cupertino company’s history, yet, is this enough to sway you over? Let us know what you think on the comments section below.

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