3 Cool iPhone Cakes: A Valentine’s Treat for Any Apple Fanboy

Looking for something sweet to give your geeky loved one this Valentine’s Day? For the tech-savvy person with a sweet tooth, you can choose from any of these 3 cool iPhone cakes to brighten their V-day! Renowned cake designer and pastry artist Debbie Goard came up with these high-tech creations that look too good to eat.

iPhone Cake Feb2007

The first iPhone cake was created in February 2007, more than five months prior to the release of the original iPhone. According to the artist, she did not have an actual model iPhone to use for the cake, but instead used photos as reference. The cake is about 24 inches long, and is covered with butter cream frosting. Details of the iPhone apps and text labels were drawn using an icing tip, and the background colors were airbrushed.

iPhone Cake Nov2007

The second cake was made in November 2007, and was commissioned by Apple in celebration of the successful release of the iPhone. Notice that the network name on the top of the cake was changed from Cingular to AT&T and that the icons for the apps were now hand-painted instead of drawn with icing.

iPhone Cake 3G Oct2008

Debbie’s third cake was made to resemble the iPhone 3G, and this tasty creation came out in October 2008. To really capture the details of the apps icons, the artist used printable icing sheets for the graphics, and she wrote the text using an icing tip. At first glance, one might even mistake this dessert for the real iPhone 3G!

Debbie Goard has been recognized in the San Francisco area for her delectable works of art. For over 20 years, her shop, Debbie Does Cakes, has designed cakes shaped like pugs, Chihuahuas, custom cars, and tons more. These cool iPhone desserts are masterpieces that probably took hours in the making. Creating just one is probably not an easy task, but for Debbie, the job is “a piece of cake.”

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