Earn Money With Your iPhone With Gigwalk

It’s impossible to deny that we live in interesting times, and like a lot of people you might be looking for some extra money. If you’ve got an iPhone, you might consider signing up for Gigwalk, a service that lets you earn money for doing simple tasks.

The idea is similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk, except instead of sitting at your computer doing online tasks, you go out into the real world to earn your money. The tasks range in price fro $3 to $90, and  include things like taking pictures of street signs, and mapping neighborhoods. For example, you might be asked to check street names and whether is street is one-way or not. You have to earn “street cred” by competing the simpler and lower paying tasks before being allowed to do the higher-paying ones. One person has apparently made over $2000 already using Gigwalk.

Gigwalk screen shot

Gigwalk says that this is a better way of creating accurate information about an area. They bill themselves as “hundreds of trucks vs. millions of people,” an obvious dig at Google Maps and Mapquest, among others.

Gigwalk also touts the service’s usefulness in customer service. Companies can check how they’re doing in a certain area. With big companies, it can sometimes be difficult to train everybody to the same standards and monitor how employees are doing, especially if there spread out and working in remote areas. If people are praising or complaining about the service at a particular location of a fast food chain, for example, management will know where they need to direct their attention.

Gigwalk is currently only accepting people to perform these tasks in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles,  Chicago, New York City, South Florida, and Philadelphia. If you’re not located in one of those areas or don’t have an iPhone, there are always other ways to make extra cash, of course. There’s always Mechanical Turk, or if you’re an awesomely geeky writer, you can even write for Walyou.

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