Give iPhone Pics the Polaroid Touch with the Instant Lab

Because of the popularity of camera phones and digital photos, the present generation of tech fanatics probably are unfamiliar with film photography or even what a Polaroid was like. But thanks to the seemingly improbable dream of the Impossible Project, the past meets the present with the Instant Lab.

The Instant Lab seems relatively simple enough. First, you take a photo with your iPhone, mount your iPhone on the Instant Lab, and your digital photos will be printed Polaroid-style. You may even add effects and color adjustments to give your pictures a classic and nostalgic touch. Think of it as Instagram with a new meaning to “instant.” Now your iPhone photos can be readily appreciated and shared among family and friends, or even used in scrapbooks and albums.

The Impossible Project was started by former Polaroid employees in 2008, the same year that Polaroid discontinued producing instant cameras and film to give way to digital camera models. With their shared passion for photography, the Impossible Project team developed the Instant Lab, specially designed to turn iPhone photos into instant prints. Among other things, the goal of the team is to give photographers an appreciation for the mixed media.

Currently, the Instant Lab is still in its developmental stages, but is already featured on Kickstarter to boost its popularity. It still is unavailable to the public, but given some time, iPhone fanatics and digital photographers may soon get their hands on this modern day marriage of Apple and Polaroid. Once again we have the team from the Impossible Project to thank for their desire to bring back Polaroids and ket the present generation appreciate them.

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Via: Design Milk