Stylish Rocking Chair Charges Your iDevice

There is nothing more annoying than having to recharge your iPhone each time the charge runs out. Unfortunately, the more we use our iDevices the more quickly we need to recharge them and that leaves us fuming and fretting over iDevices’ battery life.

To soothe our pain a little and probably engage us in a little exercise at the same time, the iRock rocking chair has just been announced and it seems to be one of the coolest Christmas gifts you could buy a lazy Apple fanboy. iRock from Zürich’s Micasa Lab is being touted as the first-ever power-generating rocking chair.

The chair converts kinetic energy into electric energy and charges your iDevice as you rock in the chair. In fact, the makers claim that an hour long rocking session can charge your iPad by almost 35%. What’s more, the iRock also comes with speakers that are built into the chair and also a dock that lets you keep the iDevice on the armchair as you keep rocking.

The iRock is made from Swedish oak and comes with five layers of paint in order to make it durable. You can choose between 5 different colors and they include white, pink, blue, green and black. Each chair costs $1300 and is very expensive for someone who is just looking for a plain old rocking chair. The trust is, this chair is certainly not plain nor is it old. If you want something beautiful and cool, you have to shell out quite a lot of money, I guess.

If you are not an Apple fanboy and were still looking for a rocking chair, there are many choices. The Motion is a curvaceous bookshelf that doubles up as a rocking chair. The Gice and Moo is a set of well designed lamp and rocking chair.