Kisai Console: The Solution to Cheesy Digital Watches

We’ve all owned a plain digital watch from Timex or one of those monstrosities known as G-Shocks. Though practical, those watches have nothing more memorable but extreme durability or a neon green backlight. Come on, kids, it’s time to grow up, so stop purposely dropping your watch on the floor or turning off the light just to remind yourself that you can still check the time. That was only cool in the 90s.

The Kisai Console from Tokyoflash Japan is the perfect medium for your transition from that dorky durability to a finer, more refined style without running back to the hour and minute hands. Truly innovative with its flashing honeycomb design, it makes everybody have second thoughts about those dinky G-Shocks.

The Kisai Console tells you the time in a way all its own. Instead of a boring digital display, it sports three separate zones to tell you the time. The largest of the three conveys the hour of the day, while the two smaller zones inform you of the number of minutes that have passed. One divides the sixty minutes in to twelve boxes of five and the other has four boxes that represent the passing minutes of those five-minute intervals. Pretty fresh idea, eh?

Other than having a wicked cool display, it’s also quite prestigious. It’s forged from stainless steel, while each of its three displays is encased by smoked mineral crystal glass, which fosters a clear and unblemished view of the display underneath.

But the Kisai Console doesn’t just boast a unique way to tell time: it’s also accessible to everybody. Its case is curved, so it can fit a wide range of wrist sizes. Also, it’s USB recharcheable, its USB cap being hidden inside the case to be accessed by unscrewing its cover. The battery is completely charged in as little time as three and a half hours, and one charge lasts as long as a month.

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Via: Kisai Console