World’s Least Expensive Iron Man Cosplay

One man recently found a way to craft his very own costume for cosplay, and most likely it’s the world’s least expensive Iron Man costume ever.

cheapo iron man cosplay

What’s the point of going to a convention if you don’t show your true geeky colors and dress up like your favourite super hero? Of course, conventions are expensive, and so are good costumes. I guess that leaves most of us with the option to either not dress up, or do our best with a limited budget.

In the case of one happy cosplay enthusiast, who decided to make his very own Iron Man costume at home, he took the concept of a limited budget and stretched it to the extreme. Our source, who found this awesome image, suspect that the costume probably cost a grand total of $0 to put together. They might not be too far off.

It looks like the poor guy had to make do with some colorful paper, packing tape and a pair of pajamas. The orange bands on his arms and legs also look suspiciously like electrical tape, and I’m pretty sure that thing on his palm is a deflated party balloon.

I suppose the most impressive part about all this is that we can actually recognize the hero he’s trying to portray. Though, it’s not as if there are very many heroes in red armor with golden masks. I guess the Flash would come close, but you could probably put together one of those costumes without needed all the packing tape.

I think we should give this guy mad props all the same for having the courage to show up at an event dressed like. Luckily his face is covered so his true identity will forever remain a secret. What really gets me about this photo, isn’t so much our friend Iron Man here, but the person in the monstrous pink wig standing just behind him. Now that’s a strange sight.

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