20 Coolest Super Mario Bros Design Remakes

Super Mario Bros is one of the most popular video games of all time, beloved by gamers kids in every corner the world. However, as we grow up, the excitement and pressure of life make us gradually neglect the childhood hero. To defy the bitter nature of time, some have decided they decided to turn Super Mario’s lumpish figure into some sort of art. Check out 20 greatest Super Mario Bros design remakes below to strengthen the hope of keeping the super brothers forever by your side.

The Sidewalk Super Mario Bros. Video

Created by Andreas Heikaus as part of his Bachelor thesis, the Sidewalk Super Mario Bros is a 7 minute video remake of Super Mario Bros with graffiti design on the curb, through the brilliant process of matching computer graphics elements into live-action footage. The video features Mario running across the Mushroom kingdom, jumping over pits and evil mushrooms.

Super Mario Paper Stop Motion

Basically a paper outline being moved along the wall to emulate the original video game, this one and a half minute Super Mario Bros stop motion video is a tremendous effort to bring Super Mario into the world of reality.

3D Super Mario Papercraft Animation

This 3D Super Mario papercraft is not only awesomely real as it shows one of the most rewarding scenes of the Mario games when the popular hero jumping up at the question mark box, it is also animated. A gold coin actually pops up as you move the lever, just as Mario hits the box.

Super Mario Bamboo Magnets

A game designer and programmer can turn out to be a skillful handcraft artist. Travis Chen tried his hands at art and made these beautiful Super Mario Bros magnets that can be stick together to re-create a scene from the Super Mario game right on your refrigerator.

Mario Cubeecraft

This Super Mario cubeecraft is a beautiful, geeky and fun piece of artwork that you can easily make on your own. You first need to get a magnet board to hold everything together, blue poster paper for sky, then cut and assemble all cubeecraft Super Mario characters you want to create a real Super Mario ambiance.

Super Mario Papercraft

Depicting Mario’s trademark pose from Wii fighting game Super Smash Bros, Ignatius’ Mario papercraft is one of the most complex artworks created out of paper.

Super Mario Sculptures

The most amazing thing about these Super Mario Bros sculptures is not the design, but the fact that they are created entirely out of disposed skateboard decks. The creator, Haroshi, is also a fan of skateboarding and he hopes that his works would promote the concept of recycling.

Super Mario Bros Peeps Diorama

The fourth annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest saw more than 1,100 dioramas, and one of the most interesting dioramas is the Super Peepio Brothers created by Mark Rivetti of Silver Spring. According to the creator, it took 45 hours to create all the characters including Mario, Luigi, Lakitu, Bowser, Koopa Troopas, Goombas and Piranha Plants.

Mario Soda Box Art

Working at a super market turns out not to be the most boring job on Earth. Look at these Super Mario pictures created out of hundreds of soda boxes, the super market workers must have had a lot of fun.

Super Mario Mural

The students at the Columbus College of Art and Design have come up with a brilliant idea: to create a Super Mario mural with neither Mario nor Luigi in it. You can use the mural as a background to pose as if you just squashed a Goomba.

Super Mario Pixel Club

Students are definitely not the busiest people and some of them use their free time to express bizarre passions. One of the most noticeable activities is Super Mario Pixel Club, which  under the cover of night spreads various murals of your favorite original Nintendo characters – including Super Mario – across the campus of UTA in Arlington, TX.

Super Mario Brothers Rubik’s Cube Mosaic

Created completely out of 24 Rubik’s cubes,  the mosaic transforms the classic Super Mario Bros  from a simple mushroom trampling video game to a serious brainiac puzzle.

Super Mario Bros Bullets Art

Super Mario Bros has never been considered violent until That’s What I Do decided to create Super Mario out of bullets. 45 ACP cartridges were painted in different colors to project a Mario that stands between the violence in video games and the real world.

Giant Lego Super Mario

Using a NextEngine 3D Scanner, a giant Lego model of Super Mario Bros was re-created from an original palm  sized Mario placed on the scanner’s platform.

Super Mario Skittles Art

The classic video game can’t get any sweeter with this lovely Super Mario profile created out of Skittles candies.

Super Mario Toast

The giant Super Mario toast involves a number of bread slices and toasts that are burnt from perfectly golden to crisp brown, giving the perfect aspect ratio to the character design. The buttons made out of round bun bread give the creation the sense of originality.

Super Mario Bros Chess Cake

Here comes the undoubtedly most delicious Super Mario remake ever. Ana Fuji’s Super Mario Bros Chess Cake is designed like a 64-squared chessboard with the heroes of the legendary video game facing the villains. It is is something so delicious that you might not dare to eat.

Super Mario Bros Pushpin Art

It took 17,000 pushpins, over 2 semesters, many revisions to be finalized as an amazingly detailed Super Mario Bros pushpin artwork as we see it now.

Super Mario Brothers 3 Stitch Map Art

Cross-Stich Ninja introduced a beautiful piece of stitch art that depicts Super Mario Bros game map the way you see it on the screen. Even though it might not have any practical value, the stitch map is a worthy collectible for die-hard Super Mario Brothers fans.

Super Mario Bros Bees

Super Mario and Luigi are not plumbers who only know how to jump on mushrooms and swim with fish. When it comes the work, they can be as hardworking as these Mario Bees, created by Ecpica in a cool costume from Super Mario Galaxy.