Incredible Operational Iron Man Suit

Hearts can fail at any time (particularly if you’re facing off with terrorists), but with a suit like this on your side, worrying is a thing of the past.


Okay, we’ll be honest here. There’s no medical benefit in this suit, unless you consider being extremely cool and good looking one. It’s just that Master Le’s Iron Man Mark 7 Suit is one of the most incredible pieces ever created, just look at it! The suit includes motorized shoulder weapons, a jet pack,  and the looks (what matters the most in a good cosplay, anyways!). The armor was so well crafter that its creator even took part in some official promotions for Iron Man 2 in costume.

Check some of the videos below to see it working.

This leads comes via our pals at Fashionably Geek. Thanks for that, guys! Check out some other great pieces of cosplay at Kid Icarus: Uprising Cosplayer Is Rid-’Icarus’-ly Good and The Coolest GLaDOS Cosplay Yet.