Is this it? BlackBerry might create their first Android phone

After many months of never-ending rumors, a first image of the supposed first BlackBerry phone running Android has surfaced. Interestingly, this seems like it would be a “fusion” – is this plausible, or even possible?



Some ten years ago, BlackBerry was a household name when it came to smartphones. It was the company everyone looked at when it came to tendencies, both as a corporation and as a leader. None the less, even the great can fall, and after Apple and Android joined and evolved the game, the Canadian company started to lose its ground. Even worse, with the appearance of the Windows Phone, the ex RIM are in a hard place fighting tooth and nail for their right to exist in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Yet, it seems they do kind of have a plan to be reborn from its ashes, like a phoenix: to use Android on their own Blackberry branded devices.

The company’s idea seems to be to retake some of the lost ground with an Android device sporting a curve screen not unlike the Galaxy S6 Edge. Its codename, although it might change before release, is Blackberry Venice.


The few hardcore Blackberry users that remain stay because of their unique QWERTY style keyboard, yet it is unknown as of now whether this new Android phone would include one, if it would slide like in the pastm or be displayed upfront like in the Bold models. Regardless, it would be wise of the company to keep them, as to not alienate the group that still supports them.

We will likely learn more about this device in the near future – as of now, we only have this one image and a thousand and one questions, but this might be the best possible step the canadian group can take to find themselves regaining some ground.

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