It’s a Massive Train Made from Cake

There’s a new train representing Heathrow Express. In celebration of Heathrow’s 15th anniversary, a massive cake is being created in its honour.

I swear this cake is not a lie. According to Miss Cakehead, it’s a sweet addition that has taken months to bake, assemble, and decorate. Created by Eat Your Heart out, a platoon of experienced bakers have taken on this massive task. Situated at Paddington Station, this tantalizing behemoth has caught the eye of more than just onlookers, but pesky pigeons as well.


Eat Your Heart out is a collection of food artists from across the United Kingdom. United under this project, they have combined their sugary powers to erect a 1.5 x 4 x 2 meter cake in 30 hours. That’s about 4.9 x 13 x 6.5 feet, give or take a couple of inches, for those still adhering to the Imperial system.


It’s a massive task. Daresay I, a delicious task. And certainly not for the novice baker with a set of tins and a hand mixer. Using industrial mixers, blow torches, moulds, and spirit levels, the cake wasn’t so much created, but erected. Reaching its monumental completion on June 24.

All in the commemoration of a super fast train.


For those who fancy more work by Eat Your Heart out, you can check out their blog here. Whether its trains, anatomical organs and other body parts, among many other fantastic examples of culinary finesse, the proof is literally in the pudding.

If you dream big enough, anything can happen. Now if only someone would create the Hogwart’s Express….

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