Japanese Skyline Created with 1.8 Million LEGOs

When we think of LEGO countries, we think of multicolored blocks making awkward buildings that defy gravity and the laws of physics. Japan, on the other hand, built their country to scale using LEGOs. 

Do you remember making LEGO countries when you were younger? I did. I remember stealing all the blue LEGOs (my favorite color) and making very oddly shaped buildings that could not ever be built in real life because they would never ever be structurally sound. But I did not care, because my LEGO city looked awesome. I never thought of building an actual country. But the Japanese did.

It took approximately 1.8 million LEGOs to create a futuristic version of the skyline in Japan. More than 5,000 children, hailing for six different locations across the country, participated in this huge project. When all the buildings were done, they were shipped off to the capital city, Tokyo, and connected in order to form a three-dimensional map of sorts of Japan.

I wonder if mini-Godzilla has been informed of this development.

(Via: Geekologie)

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