Star Wars Speeder Bikes – Real Life Version

A company named Aerofex is trying to come up with something everyone’s been waiting for since the 1980’s, especially Return of the Jedi and later on Back to the Future – Make hover technology something that we can use outside the movies, for actual cool stuff.

Hopefully, their attempt at something very similar to the Speeder Bikes from Star Wars will be succesful, meaning there’s a chance we’ll be seeing these things out on the market in 2014.

The hover technology Aerofex designed so that it responds to a pilot’s natural sense of balance without the need for flight control software. The bike, eventually, will respond to the driver’s natural sense of balance. So far, they’ve been able to achieve flights of 30 mph hovering 15 feet above the ground.

Not exactly ready for a chase around the jungles in Guatemalas, but getting closer to what we’ve always been dreaming of.