Top 5 Mobile Apps For Job Hunting

While the iPhone and Google Android phones have managed to provide all sorts of great fun, there are also apps that are built for business that can be great help.

There are tons of different apps that can help you manage your finances through a mobile phone.  You can also use some apps like Google+ for both fun and profit.  Of course if you’re having a problem getting a hold of the profit part there are also several apps that will help you find a job.  Here’s the top five:

1. Dice

Dice is an app that is actually built specifically for those that are looking for jobs in the tech sector.  The best part of this particular service is that you can register on the website and then download a mobile app for the iPhone, Android or even Blackberry phones so no one is getting left out in the cold.  Using the app is about as simple as you can get, as you can just input the kind of job you are looking for as well as your current location and the app will pull back all job listing on the website.

More than just looking for jobs, the Dice app also allows you to actually apply for any of the jobs that are listed or you can email a particular job that you are interested in so that you can research or apply for the job later, if you don’t want to deal with the smaller keyboards on your mobile phone.

2. HireADroid

HireADroid is the best all around Android job search app for no other reason than you can actually access different job search websites all from inside the app without having to go from one app to another in order to do the search.  This means that you can look up job listings through several different kinds of sites and then when you find what you are looking for you can email the specific listings that stand out so that you can apply to them from your desktop.  Unlike the Dice app, you can look for any job you want, there aren’t any specializations here so even if you aren’t looking for a tech job, you can still look for it using this app.

Of course, this particular app isn’t all that pretty.  If you are looking for a job search app that is visually pleasing, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

3. CareerBuilder is one of the best known and most used job search websites on the net and so it is not mistake that their iPhone app is one of the best around when you are looking for a job using your smartphone.  The Career Builder iPhone app allows you do whatever you could do on the actual Career Builder website, meaning you can not only do a search for different jobs right on the iPhone but you can also select the jobs that you think are your favorite so that you can come back to them at a later date.

One of the better features of this particular app is that you can actually upload your resume through the iPhone app, meaning that you don’t have to be at home in order to actually apply for the jobs you find.  This particular feature actually allows you to apply for a job from anywhere.

4. Job Finder

The Job Finder app isn’t all the dissimilar from the other apps on this list, and that is one of the reasons that it is also one of the best iPhone apps you can use when you are looking for a job using your phone.  One of the differences between this app and others is that it is easier to search using different “domains” of the job world and then you can search by location.  Like some of the other apps on the list, this app does not have its own dedicated job opening database but rather pulls different jobs including sites like, and the want ads as well as other sites that are considered some of the best job hunting sites on the web.

Once you have found a job listing you think you would like to try out, you can bookmark it so that you can easily come back for it later.

5. Craigslist Mobile

The Craigslist mobile app is different from all of the other job search apps on this particular list because you can use the app for things other than just looking for your next job.  There are also some drawbacks to the app because of its lack of specialization in that there isn’t a real great display.  Still, this particular app makes the list because Craigslist is a well known site that people use meaning that there is never a  shortage of jobs being offered on the site and any job that is offered on the site will be viewable on this particular app.

Within the app you can email the different people who have placed their ads for you to reply to and you can sort out the ads that you would actually like to take another look at by adding them to your favorites.