Playstation Vita Expected October 28th

It’s amazing how often release dates of long awaited gadgets and tech are outed simply by accident, such is the case with the Playstation Vita which was outed by a Blockbuster flyer of all things.

While there has been increased anticipation as to just what the Playstation 4, or  the Vita would actually bring, it appears at least that we will actually see the Vita sooner rather than later.  Of course, few things in life live up to the hype, with the possible exception of an open Q&A with Xena, Warrior Princess. But at the very least it won’t be too much longer before we will know whether or not the Vita is one of those new devices that falls short of the hype.

The rumors began flying fast and furiously about when the Playstation Vita was going to be released thanks to a Blockbuster UK new release flyer that has been making the rounds.  While there is plenty of good stuff on this particular flyer for comic book movie fans as well as regular PS3 fans to sink their teeth into, it is the two additions at the bottom of the “Upcoming Game Releases” that has got the interwebs all atwitter.

If this release can be believed it appears that we can expect both versions of the Playstation Vita to be released on October 28th, which is actually sooner than some people expected.  There were quite a few gaming experts who did not expect this particular mobile console to be released until right before Christmas or even sometime around the first of the year next year.

Gaming site IGN has found out a bit more, as they reached out to Sony following seeing this ad and were apparently told that the Vita will see a phased release in the United States and Europe over the holiday season this year.  That could either be a confirmation of this particular ad’s dates or it could actually mean that the United States still won’t see the Vita until early in 2012.  While the lack of concrete answers can be frustrating evidence is mounting that gamers will get their grubby little paws on the Vita in time for Christmas.