Incredible Wall-E Case Mod Includes Even A Cockroach Buddy

One of our favorite Pixar movies was Wall-E, with its incredibly cute protagonist and heart-warming story. We can totally understand how somebody would like to have him in their room.



If re-watching the movie just doesn’t cut it anymore, maybe it’s time to upgrade our pc’s case mods to look something like this creation, made by a bunch of extremely talented Russian modders (as seen in English Russia). The team even took a lot of pictures all along the process, so if you decide to flip over these, you can get an idea of how hard the whole thing was.



Now, there are several reasons why this is such a good idea. Wall-E has the perfect shape if you want to stuff a motherboard inside of him (Mac fans can have Eve), but also, it is incredibly cute and would look great in any room, no matter if its messy as the planet Earth depicted in the movies (“but mom/wife/girlfriend!! it fits thematically!”), or clean, as it’s an incredible piece to look at.



Congratulations to the talented team that created this! Now, the only question that remains, with all the technology this cute robot features is… does it run Crysis at max settings?

Via: Kotaku and

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