1958 Johnson Outboard Inspires DIY Drink Blender

Mixing drinks is an art only a certain few know how to do best. The rest can of course read the recipes and try to add all the drinks and make a concoction, but it is never ‘mixing’ in its true sense.

If you have no bartending skills, and would like to brag about something while mixing drinks, you could try and brag about the mixer, for instance. One of the ways to do that is to tell people how old-skool and vintage you are, and how you remember your grandfather using Johnson outboard motors for his geeky and fishy activities.

One such guy has revealed his own DIY project which involves turning a 1958 Johnson outboard into a drink blender. The DIY Drink Blender looks pretty cool, and the modder claims that it is portable enough to e taken to picnics, road trips and even to the beach. However, I feel going to the beach with a vintage 1958 Johnson Outboard-Motor DIY Drink Blender is not really how you could attract a potential date. Nevertheless, it looks like a fun device and the modder explains that it can mix pina coladas, margaritas and daiquiris wherever, and whenever you want. The guy however did not use the original motor, but only used the outer case, as far as I can see.

After removing the original motor and the drive gears, he installed a new Homelite 2-Cycle Motor which does the mixing job efficiently. A Honda generator muffler helps to keep the whirring noise low. The original decals, powder coats and a durable finish makes sure that the DIY Drink Blender inspired by the 1958 Johnson Outboard Motor helps you party for a long time. It took the engineer about 6 months to build the blender. You could also take a look at 22 Cool Flask Designs, and the DIY Bacon Alarm Clock, about which we had written some time back.