JUMP – Self-Charging Battery Pack For Smartphones

Now here comes a solution to the problem of running out of juice on your smartphone while not being able to use a power outlet right away. This is JUMP, a smartphone charger that is just more than that.

JUMP smartphone charger

JUMP is truly a smart device. The idea behind it is to give your smartphone an extra boost in battery life, because they are just so propense to turn into overpriced paper weights as soon as the juice runs out. “But there’s plenty of devices that recharge your phone”, you might be thinking, “what’s different about this one?”. Well, a lot. First of all, the idea behind the JUMP is that it should fit your pocket along with your cellphone, give extra energy completely on the go, and work independently from outlets. The JUMP has its own battery that recharges itself along with the cellphone every time you plug it in, and then provides around 30% more to its battery life, keeping it both comfortable and always at reach.

The JUMP team have launched a kickstarter to make this project reach the masses, and it’s already fully funded after a couple days, with about 26 days to go, but you still can reap the benefits by backing it now.

JUMP kickstarter

You can see a video detailing more information and the concept behind JUMP below these lines.

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