Kat Walk VR Treadmill Makes Games more Immersive

Using mice and keyboards to control our character in FPS games will soon be a thing of the past, as VR will enable us to move quite realistically through the game-world.

There are a lot of games that couldn’t make any sense when played in virtual reality, but first-person shooters seem to have been developed with that in mind. While Chinese company KATVR isn’t the first one to develop an omni-directional treadmill for VR, it is among the first one to consider gamers as the main demographic for their product.

Here is how the developers described their product on Kickstarter:

“KAT WALK uses movement within a small space in reality to achieve limitless and continuous movement in virtual reality. With its built-in and wearable sensors, you can literally walk/run (forwards and backwards), jump, crouch and sit in the virtual world.

KAT WALK is especially suited for FPSs and other applications in where you need to move around. You can control the in-game character with your own body, helping to increase immersion and decreases simulator sickness. The innovative KAT WALK independent support structure and open construction sets your arms and legs free.

It separates the space of body movement and the support structure. Without a ring or column surrounding you, it allows you to chop, wave, pick, beat, kick, run sharply and more.

You can move freely and securely without constraint or worrying about hitting anything. You can swing your arms naturally or rest your hands by your sides, getting closer to a natural walking posture. Different games call for different movements. KAT WALK allows you to switch to different actions anytime you want, so you can sit down to drive or fly when a game requires it.”

KATVR turned to this crowdfunding platform to raise the $100,000 it needs to turn KAT WALK into a marketable product. Super Early Birds will get a full kit by pledging $399, Early Birds will need to back the project with $499, and regular backers will have to support the campaign with $599 or more. Assuming that nothing goes wrong by the end of the campaign, and that the funding goal is reached, backers should expect to receive their kit in April 2016.

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