Custom-Painted SNES Pays Homage To Yoshi’s Island

Are you green with envy about this custom-painted Yoshi’s Island Super Nintendo? No, don’t answer. The answer is, yes, of course.

Yoshis Island SNES by Zoki64 image 1

Designed by Zoki64, who seems to always magically conjure up specialty versions of classic video game hardware, this PAL region SNES (which, frankly is the best-looking version of Nintendo’s 16-bit console) is draped from console to controllers in a wicked shade of green, in honor of Mario’s dinosaur buddy, Yoshi. In particular, Yoshi’s Island.

Yoshis Island SNES by Zoki64 image 2

Known for his long-stretchy tongue and unstoppable appetite, Yoshi has been a featured face to almost every Mario outing since his debut back in 1991’s Super Mario World. He’s even been the star of a few of his own games, including the splashy motif used for this custom SNES, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island from 1995.

Yoshis Island SNES by Zoki64 image 3

Great work as usual from Zoki64. And don’t forget that you can see more of his wild console paint jobs over on his deviantArt page.

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