We All Live In A Killer Whale Submarine

“Yellow” and  “Killer Whale” might not be conceptually similar, but we could always use some extra Beatles references, even if we’re discussing kickass technology.Killer-Whale-Submarine

This is exactly what you think it is: a submarine shaped like a killer whale. Someone actually had that idea and enough money to carry it out! This watercraft has capacity for two people and can ride at over 50 mph over the water’s surface. We think this beats any convertible car for “best toy ever”.


The submarine was created by Hammcher, and it’s designed to move about in the water just like the cute mammal that inspired it. The cockpit is truly any secret agent’s dream, too, tricked out with a bunch of fancy gadgets out of wich an LCD that displays live video from the dorsal fin’s built-in camera stands out the most.

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