Mac Goes Steampunk in a Major Way

The eyeMac Difference Engine of Wickedness brings old-fashioned saloon to your computer – or, rather, your PC or Mac takes the steampunk organ into the 21 Century. Basically, check it out …

Head back in time to the wild, wild West and piss off your wife at the same time with this steampunk antique pump organ computer extreme case mod; it will only cost you $3000. Etsy shop owner David Lee made this amazing piece, named vaguely after his iMac and will fashion one for you, too – computer and shipping not included.

The designer will customize the brass pieces as well as the engraved designs on the instrument. It includes an analog voltage gauge that registers your computer’s statistics. The telephone included in the piece can work as a regular phone or be modified into headphones.

This is one superb piece, if you’re willing to pay the price. Thanks to our friends at Technabob for the tip.