Bigger is Better: Giant Knife Is Stabbing-Ready

Creativity, free time, and geekiness are things that mix up well, and usually are enough to turn your weekend into something interesting. But don’t take our word for it, check this project out instead.

This project by Maria Lujan and Wolfgang Krug was created in Berlin, where the authors took shots both in the inside of buildings and on the streets, which must have been hilarious.


The idea seems to have been “let’s create the biggest blade in the world, something that would put Cloud Strife or Pyramid Head’s to shame”. That’s right, people: we’re sorry to say, but size matters.


The “knife” itself is made of cardboard, and luckily, no one got injuured with it, but we would understand if someone questioned this, just look at all that blood splattered next to the open wounds.


As it is often the case with this type of art, the best part are the passer-by’s reactions, who might either laugh or question the mental sanity of the artists (we think a combination of both is appropriate, as usually happens with those who create something brilliant).


This lead comes to us via our friends at UFunk. If you’re curious about other projects with blades, check out Final Fantasy Replica Swords Created By an Inmate and 19 Unusual Pencil Sharpeners.