New Killzone Shadow Fall Trailer Gives Us Story Insight

As the PS4’s most anticipated game, Killzone Shadow Fall is the title that we all want to know about. Sony have released a new trailer to give us more info.

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Killzone 1 was the introduction to the Helghast, their blood red LED eyes, their darkened mechanical faces and, of course, their unabashed blood-thirst for the human race (and the lives of the ISA, the human military, that would want to stop them). Killzone 2 brought the fight to the Helghast’s home planet of Helghan and Killzone 3 saw a dwindled down ISA force try and take on the Helghast yet again. Killzone Shadow Fall gives the ISA and the humans the upper hand once again with our idyllic, peaceful home planet facing a yet-to-be thwarted attempt at being conquered.

That’s more or less the only information we’ve been privy to (other than a few screenshots and little gameplay footage) since Sony and Guerrilla Games (the developer of the Killzone series) announced Killzone Shadow Fall as a PlayStation 4 exclusive back in February when the PS4 was initially announced, but now this new trailer from Sony and Guerrilla gives those patiently awaiting Killzone Shadow Fall’s release another giant insight into just exactly why the Helghast are fighting back.


It seems that this is purely out of revenge, we brought the fight to them and now they’re bringing the fight back. As we’ve seen this kind of storyline both before in the Killzone series and in a few games that have gone on sale since Killzone 3 was released, it will be interesting to see how Guerrilla Games keeps this formula fun and captivating despite being in very Call of Duty-controlled waters.

Also important to note is that Sony are trying to release Killzone Shadow Fall as a PS4 launch title meaning that it’s as vital as ever that the game gets it right as a selection of good launch titles can make or break a console. Not only that but with the kind of graphics seen in the trailer (and a presumed in-game framerate of around 30 frames per second in 1080p HD – one of the highest visual qualities), Guerrilla will be hard pushed to get this game out on time and on par with the quality that we’re all expecting.

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