PlayStation 4 Announcement Game Trailers Round Up

Sony’s unveiling of their next console is over, but you can catch on what upcoming games were shown along side the PS4 right inside.

Killzone Shadow Fall PlayStation 4 image

We sure did see a lot from Wednesday’s reveal of the PlayStation 4. Some people say not enough, but I bet these negative Nate’s and Nancy’s don’t remember the pre-internet days where we had to wait for new info about our videogame consoles for months at a time and dealt with it. Those were the days, I tell ya what.

Now we get to see everything in real-time on our computers or smart phones. When we want it; whatever way we want it. Thus brings us to Wednesday – I don’t know how, but don’t you think it’s better if I get off my “old man yells at cloud” rant? – and the assortment of in-development titles for PlayStation 4 shown during Sony’s media event.

I’ve kindly gather here in this one post the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Witness, and tons more below to see. So get ready for a video flood of what to expect gaming-wise on the PlayStation 4, coming this Holiday Season.

Knack Announce Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall Trailer and Gameplay (via gametrailers)

The Witness Trailer

MediaMolecule PS4 Demo (via gametrailers)

Unreal Engine on PS4 Tech Demo (via gamespot)

Driveclub Gameplay (via gamespot)

inFAMOUS: Second Son Trailer

Deep Down Trailer

Square Enix PS4 Demo (via RajmanGamingHD)

Bungie’s Destiny PS4 Presentation (via gamespot)

Watch Dogs Gameplay (via gamespot)

Certainly, I hope that these games live up to their potential, especially on a new platform that needs all the games it can get. Due to its loss of backwards compatibility, the PlayStation 4 is basically starting over from scratch when it comes to content.

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