Kim Dotcom convinces hackers to stop PSN and Xbox Live attacks

Christmas was rough on some people as Lizard Squad took down PSN and Xbox Live as some people were opening their presents.Luckily, Kim Dotcom (of MegaUpload, now renamed Mega) stepped in to restore the service.


A while ago several media outlets were reporting the fall of Lizard Squad, a group of hackers who had taken down PSN, Xbox Live and Blizzard via DDoS attacks. Such a feat was done by Finest Squad, who had revealed their IDs to the FBI, and gamers all over the world rejoiced. Yet, surprisingly, Lizard Squad jumped into activity on Christmas day and took down both Xbox Live and PSN, while laughing maniacally from their Twitter accounts. It’s not clear what really happened with the FBI and finest squad, but the team is clearly still active, and this ruined the holidays for many, Kim Dotcom amongst them. And turns out Kim really wanted to play Destiny.

What Kim Dotcom did about it was literally negotiating with terrorists as he offered the Lizard Squad team some 3,000 accounts at Mega in exchange for stopping the attacks. Kim made that conversation public, which is below these lines.


After such events the Lizard Squad team announced there would be peace, all thanks to Dotcom. Kim, instead, assured that if the attacks continued these accounts would immediately be suspended. Did Kim Dotcom save Christmas? That’s what many of our colleagues claim all around the web, while others say this only sets a bad precedent. Regardless of who is right or not, we’ll learn more about it in the next few days.

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