Kindle Unlimited, the Netflix of eBooks

Amazon continues to improve, revamp and fundamentally change the way we consume our entertainment, now with the addition of Kindle Unlimited, their latest program which will turn your Kindle into the eBook version of Netflix.

Kindle Unlimited

Whether the world was ready or not, it matters not, and Amazon is already there: the company launched this past Friday their Kindle Unlimited program, which gives users access to over 600,000 titles for $9.99 a month. This is the first time a company gives unlimited access to a selection of eBooks via a subscription service but a direct consequence of other similar services such as Netflix or Hulu when it comes to movies and TV, or PS+ when it comes to video games.

The program allows customers to access both eBooks and Audible audiobooks from a huge selection without any type of restrictions, as long as the user is paying the fee. So far, there are around 2,000 audiobooks and over 600,000 eBooks. These feature some of the most incredibly popular books right now such as Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, while also featuring several niche eBooks of both fiction and non-fiction.

The idea is to enable users to just dive in when it comes to new series or authors without having to commit to a production the reader/listener isn’t sure if they are going to like, while keeping the best part of the Kindle experience: the portability, and accessibility. Amazon has launched a 30-day free trial where users can check out the selection so far, and see what it works like.

Via Wired

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