Virtual Jamming with Kinect

Kinect truly has changed the way we interact with devices, and especially with computer related peripherals. It has created a situation in which one could virtually do anything by just waving hands, or gesturing or moving oneself from one place to the other.

The latest project related to Kinect comes from the Information Engineering & Media department at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. This bunch of students used the Kinect to create a DJ mixer, a guitar and even Hawaiian instruments that actually work.

The coolest thing is that these instruments can be linked over the Internet and a virtual ‘band’ could play music all at the same time though every member is in different locations. What amuses you the most is the way the DJ mixing guy moves his hands. He does it so realistically that he should actually try a career at mixing music than doing it virtually using Kinect. Of course, even with the Kinect technology, the guy seems to be able to mix and ‘turn the table’ quite efficiently.

If you watch the video, you would know what fun it could be to play instruments by waving hands, and making hand movements that mimic playing instruments. More entertaining is the fact that a bunch of friends can create an informal virtual band, and start jamming even if they are all located in different parts of the world, by just connecting to the Internet, and using Kinect.

The project took about 2 months for the 11 students involved. They used open source codes and software like OpenNI, NITE and OpenFramework. You could also take a look at the Kinect Powered Helicopter. The Kinect Veltrobot is rather interesting too. If you are a Super Mario fan, the Kinect Hack could help you play Mario as well! Go ahead, and start using the Kinect in your own creative manner!