Kinetic Optical Illusion Sculpture

Artist Jeff Lieberman has created a very cool kinetic optical illusion sculpture, which he calls a “Moore Pattern.”

The title of course, is a play on moiré pattern, or a visual interference pattern, as well as the name of a friend whom he made it for as a wedding gift.

Moore pattern sculpture

As a hilarious video he made shows (his voice is dubbed in a ridiculously deep tone), two patterns are shown to be rotating in different directions, which looks impossible.

Liberman says that the sculpture runs for years on a single motor, can be set up on a wall in minutes, and comes with an AC adaptor. Better yet, the whole project is open source. You can download a spreadsheet of all the expenses, and also the 3D drawings and design of the sculpture so you can build it yourself.

In the video, he says he’ll make as many as people want in the next 60 days if he has at least 100 backers on Kickstarter. He’s already met that goal with one month remaining as of this writing. Lieberman has raised over $18,000 dollars for the project as well, beating his original goal of $15,000. Looks like the optical illusion market is heating up.


This is a very cool project that will look great as a conversation piece. I’ll agree with Lieberman that the sculpture looks very relaxing and meditative. If you think this project is a great idea, why not donate some of your money? If you’re mechanically inclined, why not build it yourself, or even better, create something new out of the design?

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Via: Kickstarter