Tweet Along With The Twitter Paper Toy

Paper, paper models/toys, and Twitter – three inventions at three different stages in history. In this 21st Century all three have been brought together to create a tweeting Twitter paper toy.

A large section of the world is going ‘Tweet-Tweet’ and an even larger section is following each Tweet. The tweeting little cute bird has become a familiar site on the internet. You now have an opportunity to extract this tweeting bird from the computer and placing it on you desk. All that you have to do is brush up your paper folding skills and your ‘toy’ is ready.

Rosaura Ochoa has created a very simple design of a paper Twitter bird that can be created by an eight year old too. He/She would, however, not realize how popular the bird is. Try your hands at this fun project. Take a print of the various parts of the bird model and cut them out. Fold along the dotted lines and stick each required side. Bit by bit you will find your Tweeter bird taking shape. Once done you will be pleased with yourself for having created a three dimensional Twitter bird complete with wings, beak, and feet. You can also attach the speech bubble which says “I love Twitter”.

Twitter is a social networking website which has gained popularity ever since it was launched in June 2006. The website boasts of having more than a hundred million account holders from across the globe. Many famous personalities from different areas of specialization have accounts which they keep updating on a regular basis. This updating feature is referred to as Tweeting.  Being popular public figures they have a huge number of people ‘following’ them and many a times when they tweet it gives rise to some news creation. This paper twitter does not tweet but does bring you little closer to your favorite social networking website.

The popularity of Twitter can be gauged from the fact that this is not the first time that a fan has created a Twitter bird model. There have been other versions of the bird that the internet community has seen over a couple of years and there may be many more to come. Each one will be different in its own way, but they will all be a Twitter anyways. They are all creations of fans that now belong to the Twitter world of networking. This is, probably, one of the most popular birds of all.

Don’t think it is the end of ‘tweet-mania’. There are other twitter-based products developed too you will like to go through – Ollie Twitter Bird and Public Twitter Booths.