KML’s Dryer Blows Your Socks Off

When you are in a hurry and all the socks you have are either in clothes basket or wet, you might get to wear the latter if you use KML’s sock dryer.

If you wonder what KML stands for (not to be confused with Camel or KLM), it is the brand of Kamil Laszuk, the designer of this product. The sock dryer is mainly intended for people who travel a lot and do not have the time to wait for the socks to dry naturally. The dimensions of the product also make it adequate for traveling. Basically, it is not bigger than a Coke can, so it will easily fit in your backpack or travel case.

The design of KML’s sock dryer is rather simple. Basically, this product includes:

  • 4 gum elements on each side
  •  A chromium-plated ring
  • Air heaters
  • Electric engine of fan
  • Fan
  • Gum feet
  • On-Off switch

The 8 gum elements found on the upper side of the case will prevent the socks from slipping, while the 4 gum feet will make sure that the product stays put while in function. The chromium-plated ring is found between the upper side of the case and the base of the product. Besides contributing to the overall nice design of the product, this ring also facilitates twisting the upper side to the right, to turn on the dryer, respectively to the left to turn it off. The air heaters generate 1800W of power, enough to dry the socks in around 5 minutes.

To me, using this product is quite intuitive and I’m not sure that the above instructions were really necessary. Besides, people who travel a lot know that hotel rooms are usually equipped with hair blowers that can be used at no expense, rendering this product pretty much obsolete. However, hair blowers are only able to dry one sock at a time and they leave the upper part of the sock still wet, thus requiring you to remove the sock from the end of the hair blower and dry it completely. Other than that, I do not really see why the KML sock dryer would be worth buying.

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