The VVVVVV Socks, or One Of The Most Expensive Pairs Ever

One of the best things about videogames in this last decade is that indies stepped up their game, and some of their productions are as beloved and well known as some AAA titles. VVVVVV is one of these. As such, fans discuss it around Internet communities and message boards (usually saying how much of a hard time they had with the whole Veni Vidi Vici section), or receiving drawings and tributes. Well one of the weirdest tributes the game got was a pair of socks, knitted by Anders Ekermo as part of a selection of indie gaming socks and hats. He then  put them up on eBay for charity, specifically for Child’s Play.

vvvvvv socks

The socks themselves feature Captain Viridian, main character of the game on a pair socks. The thing is, we bet no one expected the socks would end up with bids of around 10K dollars!! Unfortunately, the final bidder took out his bid and after much drama, the socks ended going for for $355, which is still damn good for a pair of socks. Also the cause was a great one, too. Congrats to everyone involved, except the guy who pulled out his bid.


In case you didn’t know, VVVVVV is a fantastic indie game involving platforming and gravity shifting. You can get it all weekend for around a dollar something at Steam or for a full price of around 5 whenever else. It’s definitely worth it!

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