USB Concept Watch: Going Beyond Time

The watch is one device that does not ever seem to satisfy designers. No matter how many new designs we get to see there is always something else waiting to be revealed. Recently launched is the Konect Tokyo USB Concept Watch by Olivier Demangel from France.

A watch is a gadget that is strapped around ones wrist and has the sole function of telling the time. The manner in which the time is told may vary and this is where designers bring in their variations. Sometimes it uses bars, sometimes geometric shapes and sometimes uses a variety of dials on one watch face. The USB Concept Watch is a little similar but at the same time different from its predecessors.

Time on Konect is read using small dots running along the rim. Bordering the watch are thirteen small dots. The first twelve indicate the hours by a blue light. The last one on the top is a green light that represents AM and PM. The inner row indicates the five minute groups by a purple light. The single minutes are shown on a circle with one quarter being one minute. That is some colorful time telling method.

The looks of the USB Watch is a deviation from the earlier concepts. It has an unusual shape with its face jutting way too out from the line of the strap. Standing true to its name it does give the appearance of a USB stick. The colors are very futuristic and it seems to have walked straight out of a science fiction movie.

This little watch goes beyond its basic function and incorporates the task of playing music for you. As the name says, it is a USB Concept Watch. With the watch comes a USB stick which stores all your tracks. The strap has the controls for this function. You can increase or decrease volume and shuffle between tracks. The small microphone on the face functions as the speaker. You also have the option of using Bluetooth headphones. The headphones have a cool design similar to the face of the watch.

The designer claims it to be the first USB key watch. Nothing has yet been revealed about its power source, battery life and how much it can run on one charge. It is still a concept but a cool one. It is futuristic, unusual and impressive, things which the young generation easily identifies with and would like to go for. It would not be surprising to soon see it in reality.

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Via: Tokyo Flash