Kogeto Dot Makes Panoramic Video More Accessible

If you’ve ever been interested in taking panoramic, 360-degree video, this could be your chance to dabble with new technology at an affordable entry cost. Kogeto’s Dot camera is actually an attachment for the iPhone 4, meaning that (assuming you own the phone already) you won’t need to carry around much extra in terms of hardware. The small device simply snaps on around your iPhone to hold firmly in place, coming in a variety of funky colors. The attachment itself is quite alluring, so if you’re afraid of adding attachments to your iPhone because they will ruin its slick appearance, you need not worry. When the device is attached, you’ll also see that the Dot camera itself is positioned over the iPhone 4’s internal camera. When you begin recording, this attachment will allow you to record full, panoramic video, capturing your surroundings at all angles. The associated app then straightens the video out and allows you to browse it at your leisure, choosing which angles you’d like to view your footage from.

Kogeto Dot Panoramic Camera for iPhone 4

Kogeto Dot Panoramic iPhone 4 Attachment

Technology such as this allows for a number of both practical and fun uses. On the former end, real estate agencies and the like could more easily record panoramic video for the website profiles of houses, condos, and apartments. Agents could simply attach the device to the phone they already carry around, set it down, and allow it to record. For personal use, rather than business, you could record your surroundings on a walk, drive, or bike ride. You could send video back home to show off your new place or a panoramic view of the city you’re now living in or vacationing in. The Kogeto Dot isn’t for sale quite yet, but they do have a Kickstarter account where they’re taking pledges to fund its production. They’ve already exceeded their goal, but additional $98+ donations will net the donator a Dot of their own once they’re ready. For other fun camera apps and attachments, don’t miss the 3D Scanner iPhone App or this list of 5 DIY Camera Hacks for Your iPhone.

Via: Engadget