PSP Mod Inspired By Fallout

Old, rusty and tarnished aren’t words that  would usually conjure pleasant images, but there’s always an exception to the rule and this fantastic PSP mod is precisely that. Old, rusty, tarnished … and terribly cool.

Pspgen user Thomson09 is behind this, and he cites Fallout as a main inspiration for it. Brief wiki for the non-familiarized: Fallout was a roleplaying videogame released in 1997. It was set in a post-apocalyptic, at-nuclear-war world. Thomson’s mod certainly has the deteriorated look of a portable console of our times which was discovered 200 years later among urban ruins, but it would also feel right at home within a steampunk universe.

Even though the alterations done to the front of the PSP may seem a bit lazy (“Looks like someone forgot it out in the open for a few months,” I hear the cynics protest), it’s difficult to aim criticism at the back part. Besides the silhouette, there are no similarities here to the original device. Instead we have pipes, screws and something that looks like vents – Good thinking, seeing as if this were truly a steampunk device it would probably heat up rapidly and start fuming.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this mod, though, is that even though it looks way too decayed to remain functional, this isn’t the case at all: It still works perfectly. When the screen is on, a cool contrast is created between the modern videogame graphics and the retro feel of the rest of the console, and the whole piece earns a well-deserved A for Awesome.

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Via: Tecnogeek and PS3Maven