KULT Studio Curates Pop Culture Artwork on an Uber-Chic Site

In what could be a new development in the way people purchase art online, KULT Studio has unveiled a new approach to view and shop for artwork online.

At the moment, the company features original production art and rare limited editions of American pop culture. The art of animation, comics, TV shows and other visual forms of pop art are showcased in a pleasing and aesthetic manner which encourages the buyer to not only purchase, but to admire the artwork for what it is, nonetheless. At the moment, the online gallery features art by underground artists and established professionals who have sought inspiration from Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel, DC Comics, 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm.

Brandon Savoy and Jeff Mackey , the duo behind KULT Studio reveal that the idea was to bring high-end pop culture inspired artwork to collectors who can browse on a website that is fun, aesthetically pleasing and makes purchasing artwork a breeze. KULT Studio seeks to expand its collection from comic strips and art inspired by pop culture to more diverse areas such as vintage posters of rockstars, movie posters and more. An original and vintage production cel of Mickey Mouse sold for an astounding $100,000 which suggests that there is a growing market for high-end art that involves pop culture.

The pop culture that KULT Studio is trying to showcase to collectors may not be what Andy Warhol would have called pop art, but it nonetheless manages to claim a place in the world of haute art. If you are a video game or comic strip fan, and have a lot of money, you could go ahead and purchase art inspired by your favourite pop culture theme.


If you don’t have the moolah, the website is still quite an eye-candy. You could also take a look at the Depressing Mario Comic Depiction and the Coolest Comic Inspired Ornaments, about which we had written earlier.