World’s Largest Video Game Controller Unveiled

A team of Engineering students at a Dutch university has created the world’s largest video game controller, featured in this year’s Guinness Gamer World Records.

As part of a university project, a team of three Engineering students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands created the world’s largest video game controller. Standing at over a foot high and 12 feet long, this colossal creation is a replica of an NES controller – and a fully-functional one at that. Though just how one would use this controller is quite a challenge indeed, for according to a MailOnline article featuring the replica, one would have to be 167 feet tall to use it properly.

The controller, which is 30 times the size of a standard NES controller, was unveiled this week as one of the winners in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, and was previously on display at Liverpool St Station in London. It weighs an estimated 265 pounds and takes two people to play, requiring some serious teamwork!

Ben Allen, a British student and one of the three on the team who created this monstrous NES controller, was quoted saying “This is really a labour of love.  We’re passionate about gaming and wanted to honour its most iconic device; the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) joypad.”

These three gamers aren’t the only ones honored in the Gamers’ edition of the Guinness World Records this year; several other noteworthy gamers have been recognized for their hard work and successes in gaming. While this may seem like a strange concept to some, others believe this has been a long time coming.

Gaz Deaves, the Guinness World Records Gaming Editor, for one, believes that this 2012 Gamer’s Edition is a good payoff for the hard work many have put in, as well as the amazing feats many have accomplished that previously went unrecognized.