Matrix-like Automated Learning Implants

Ever wonder what life would be like if people could just plug themselves in for automated learning like in The Matrix? If research keeps up, it might soon become a reality.


Imagine what it would be like if studying for a test required the equivalent of an afternoon nap, and then waking up with everything perfectly memorized. How about becoming a master of martial arts overnight or learning a whole new language in the blink of an eye?

According to our source, some new research that’s been going on might be making these things a possibility. Using technology that is eerily similar to what we saw in The Matrix it might soon be possible for people to learn skills and other things simply by hooking themselves up to an automated learning implant.

Scientists are currently exploring the potential of using MRI machines for this sort of automated learning. The idea is that by hooking up an MRI machine to someone performing an activity, it will be possible to record what’s going on in their brain and save it. Next up, take those saved brain functions and memories and hook it up to a second person and let their brain recognize and adapt to the pattern.

After the pattern is played through a few times, the brain should be able to pick it up and retain it, thus transferring the knowledge, experience and even potential memories from one person to the next. That’s automated learning for you.

I suppose in a way, this technology could be used for everything from teaching someone new skills, passing on knowledge and even trading memories and experiences. If it works, instead of buying a how-to guide for a subject, people could plug in and really learn how to do something without taking the time to go over it. Pretty wild stuff. It makes me wonder how far this technology could really go if they manage to pull it off!

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