Cockatiel Whistles Super Mario Theme

One Mario fan recently taught his cockatiel to whistle the theme from Super Mario, and this bird can actually do it better than me.

cockatiel whistles super mario theme

Our source found this cool video where a man managed to teach his cockatiel how to whistle the theme to Super Mario. It’s really not half bad, and is especially amazing since this is coming from a bird. Yes that’s right, what we have here is your average cockatiel singing Super Mario. Every pet owner’s dream.

Check out this video to see what we’re talking about.

Now, I’ve seen birds whistle and sing other songs before, but never anything this geeky, which is a pure delight. I suppose the man who taught it might be a bit of a super-geek himself, after all he’s seen wearing a Superman t-shirt in this video, and even has a Superman action figure neatly placed to the side.

So, it’s always nice to see people sharing their geeky habits with their pets, especially when it’s well done. I mean, I can’t even whistle half as well as that bird, and it doesn’t even have lips!

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