When NOT to Use Your Smartphone: Holiday Edition [Infographic]

By now you’re probably wise enough to know when not to whip out your smartphone under most circumstances … but what about when you’re home for the holidays with the family? This flow chart will help you determine when you’ve crossed the line.

Infographic by Shane Snow for Gizmodo.

Using Your Smartphone for a Phone Call

If you’re in the middle of reenacting the nativity and trying hard to spend the holidays alone, by all means use the phone. If you still want to keep on good terms with your famil and friends, consider taking a deep breath and turn your phone off.

Will you be talking with someone who couldn’t make it there for the holidays? If so, use it and show some holiday spirit.

Using Your Smartphone for Texting

Are you sending inappropriate photos or sexts? That’s a one-way ticket to have a lonely Christmas. Not interested? Then switch it off.

Bored out of your mind? If you’re the middle of church, at least put it on silent. If you’re talking to a relative you haven’t seen in ages, try faking a bathroom emergency and use your phone for as long as unsuspiciously able. Family dinner is the scene of the crime? As long as your phone won’t distract everyone around, use it. Steve Jobs would have never invented the iPhone were it not for times like this.

Using Your Smartphone’s Applications

If using the app will help track a gift, then go right on ahead. If you’re using it to impress your in-laws and plan to show them Youtube footage of giant robots destroying a South American city, it’s probably a bad move. If you’ore playing carols on the ocarina app, go for it! You’ll be the most awesome relative at the party.