Moshi Moshi Headset for iPhones is Delightfully Retro

A new headset peripheral for iPhones called the Moshi Moshi is delightfully retro, giving your smartphone an old-school office vibe.

moshi headset

According to our source, the Moshi Moshi is the latest accessory to come out of Hong Kong based specialty headset manufacturer Native Union. Connecting directly to your iPhone, the smooth charcoal colored headset comes with an office-like phone receiver and dock.

Despite the fact that this peripheral looks retro, there is nothing retro about the technology inside. Designed for iPhone, the headset can hook up to other smartphones and even your computer. Turn those skype meetings into professional business calls as you relax in your captain’s chair and feel your level of sef importance rising!

What is different from traditional phones, is that instead of pickup up the receiver to take the call, and slamming it down to hang up, you have a small button in the center of the receiver which you can use to accept or end incoming calls. Also, depending on your smartphone settings, you can also set the middle button to redial the last call you made.

Even better, some mobile phones support voice-activated calling, so all you have to do is pick up your headset and let it know who you want to have on the line.

The Moshi Moshi comes bundled with all the necessary adapters, so you just have to plug it in. There are two versions of the headset currently out there: one with the traditional docking base and one that comes without it but supports wireless Bluetooth.

This accessory sounds like the perfect match for anyone who wants to turn their iPhone headset into an all powerful home office phone, or who generally dislikes all that radiation that we hear mobile phones cause. You can probably find these suckers going for around $60 or less.

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